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How to Plant a Bulb Lasagne

What is a bulb lasagne?

No we’re not going to be making an edible lasagne, a bulb lasagne is a fantastic way to create containers of beautiful bulbs that can last for months! Different types of bulbs are planted in layers in a container, in order to create a dazzling display. The largest bulbs tend to go at the bottom, giving them plenty of height for their longer stems, and the smaller bulbs go at the top. The larger bulbs have a fantastic ability to curve around the bulbs above them, so need to worry about them hitting other bulbs on their way up!


What bulbs can I use?

Most spring flowering bulbs will be ideal for a bulb lasagne. Bulb lasagnes are usually planted in autumn time so you can use any bulbs that need planting at this time of year. Some common bulbs used for bulb lasagnes include:

  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Alliums
  • Crocus
  • Hyacinths
  • Snowdrops
  • Iris

bulb lasagne daffodils bulb lasagne hyacinths bulb lasagne tulips


You can also try a summer flowering bulb lasagne. Plant this in spring time with bulbs such as gladioli and dahlias!


How to plant a bulb lasagne?

  1. Find a suitable pot. It can be large or small for a bulb lasagne, just make sure it has drainage holes.
  2. Half fill your pot with Bulb Planting Compost
  3. Next we need to add the bulbs in layers. Start with the largest, latest flowering bulbs that have the deepest planting depth. Place them on your compost, they can be quite close together in a bulb lasagne, just leave at least one bulb’s width between them.
  4. Cover with a layer of compost, and add the next type of bulb.
  5. Continue to work your way up through your bulbs, planting them at their appropriate planting depth, in order of flowering time, with a layer of compost between each. A top tip is that the planting depth should be 2-3 times the height of the bulb.
  6. Once all your bulbs are planted in layers, with the smallest, earliest flowering bulbs on the top layer, cover with plenty more Bulb Planting Compost, water in well, and place in a spot in the garden that will get plenty of sunlight.
  7. Your bulb lasagne won’t need watering too often as hopefully the rain over the winter months will be enough, but if we have a particularly dry spell, you may want to water it to stop the compost drying out too much.

large bulb lasagne 1large bulb lasagne 2large bulb lasagne 3large bulb lasagne 5large bulb lasagne 4large bulb lasagne 6


You can plant winter bedding plants on top of your bulb lasagne if you would like to add interest, or maybe top with decorative plant toppers, such as broken shells, to add a different colour!

What size container do I need?

Typically bulb lasagnes are planted in large containers, at least 30cm diameter and reasonably deep. However, if space is limited, you can easily plant a bulb lasagne in a much smaller pot. We’ve made one in a windowsill planter and only included three types of bulbs. This is a great solution for small spaces or balcony gardens!

small bulb lasagne 1small bulb lasagne 2small bulb lasagne 3


Will my bulb lasagne flower next year?

Some bulb lasagne’s can flower year after year, as long as the bulbs don’t get too wet and rot in the compost. Certain bulbs, especially tulips, don’t produce as impressive a display in following years. It may be a good idea to dig up your bulb lasagne after the plants have flowered, and store the bulbs somewhere dry over summer. You can then replant these bulbs in the ground in autumn, maybe in an area of lawn or under a tree using a Bulb Planter, and then create another bulb lasagne with fresh bulbs. This will ensure a beautiful display!

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