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How to Create Stunning Spring Bulb Displays

The air is starting to get a little nippy and the evenings are now shorter, but that doesn’t mean we get to relax in front of an open fire just yet.  It is now time to start thinking about next year’s garden. Choosing varieties, colours and the location of where you are planning to plant your spring bulbs.

Drawing a sketch of your garden can often help you visualise a plan more clearly. Once you have decided what bulbs and where to plant, it’s time to start digging. Even if you don’t have a garden it’s no excuse! Container gardens are an excellent way to brighten up any area, you can also have some fun with containers and pots by taking more risks and mixing up different varieties that you wouldn’t normally plant together in your beds or borders.


The start to bulb planting

When selecting yHorticultural Sandour bulbs make sure they are free from mould and are feeling firm and plump. Bulbs are normally inexpensive and readily available at this time of year. Typically they are the easiest way to grow flowers as they require such little care.  It is such an easy way to bring a pop of colour to your outdoor space.

If you have heavier soil it would be best to mix in some Horticultural Sand as this will help break it up and aid the establishment of the bulbs. The horticultural sand can also be mixed together with compost to help produce a looser structure. This will stop root damage to delicate shoots and bulbs.



The general rule is that the bulb needs to be planted at least three times as deep into the ground. This is due to the bulb itself being high. In other words if the bulb is two inches long plant it in the soil six inches down. Plant the bulbs roots down leaving the tapered part to the top.  If you are unsure which way to plant the bulbs, then do so on their side. The shoots will find their own way to the soil surface.

bed and border chipped bark 70l

Once you have your bulbs planted – water them in and add some mulch. Westland Bed and Border Chipped Bark is an excellent option as it conserves water and provides thermal insulation for plant roots.  If you are unsure about how to do this, then read our advice article on How To Apply A Bark Mulch.

Can’t decide which bulbs to plant? Why not try our top combinations below:


For the natural look, try Daffodils and Snowdrops, available in a large variety.  You will have lots of options for creating your very own miniature meadow

If it’s a bright burst of colour you want to see in spring then the Crocus mixed species collection is for you.


Bulbs flowering

If you want to stay within a primary colour scheme, Hyacinth Blue Jackets and Allium Red Mohican(Allium bulbs) are an excellent pairing for both colour and textures.

If deciding to plant a little later in autumn then the Pink Diamond Tulip Collection is a beautiful option.  It has the perfect combination of tall, elegant, pink and purple tulips.

Lastly you can always try to create your own pick ‘n’ mix of colourful containers, the Colour the World Bulb Collection will help you create a rainbow in your garden whichever way you decide to plant the bulbs.

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