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Compost for Pots and Containers

Plants grown in pots and containers are almost totally dependent on compost for their nutrition. They can also dry out very quickly.

That’s why choosing the right plant compost for their needs is absolutely essential to get great results.

The Best Compost

Gro-Sure Easy Containers Compost is really easy to use which makes it simple to get great results with pots, containers and hanging baskets. It contains clay granules which soak up water to release over time when the plant needs it the most. It also contains 6 months feed and our patented West+ formulation for stronger roots and bigger plants. This compost is ideal for creating bigger, better blooms.

compost for pots and containersCompost for Pots and Containers


  • Gro-Sure Ericaceous Compost – If the plants in your pots or containers are acid-loving, it’s best to use this compost, fill them with compost to help them thrive.

gro sure ericaceous compost for Pots and Containers

new horizon all plant Compost for Pots and Containers

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