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Eco-friendly Propagation

The growing concern around the use of single use plastics inspired the development of our Grow It range of propagation. Consequently we cut the use of single use plastics to develop a range of eco-friendly propagation. Although at this time we cannot refrain from using plastic altogether, it is still important for gardeners to have a choice when it comes to plastic in the garden.

Our plastic trays are all made from strong green reusable plastic. Black is a difficult to scan colour on recycling machines which means it gets classed as single use and therefore not environmentally friendly. The green we have chosen has a very high readability score on the machines. This colour now covers the majority of our Grow It propagation range.

The plastic used for our propagation range has been made from recycled and recyclable material, therefore eco-friendly. We have a wide range of cellular propagation including seed trays and propagators.

grow it 40 cell seed tray

Here at Grow It we also offer a large offering of bio-degradable peat free fibre pots. These pots are perfect for growing and planting direct into the soil ensuring minimal root disturbance.  If you are looking to have a more sustainable and eco-friendly growing environment then Grow It has a full range of products to suit.

grow it fibre pots with seedlings


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