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how to repot an orange tree

How to Repot an Orange Tree

Why Repot an Orange Tree?

Repotting is a vital part of caring for an orange tree and other citrus plants. It helps to reimburse the plant with essential nutrients. The plant benefits from the new nutrients, helping with growth and fruit production. Another key reason is that root development and growth will be restricted if a plant is not re-potted. If root growth is inhibited, the plant will stop growing and flowering.


Citrus trees are best to be re-potted in the spring before they start active growth. However, they can be re-potted anytime in summer.

You do not need to repot an orange tree every year. Inspect your plants regularly for signs that show a need for repotting. If the roots are growing around the edge of the pot and also out of the drainage holes, this shows that they have run out of space and need repotting. On average a plant will need repotting around every 4 years.

wesltand citrus potting mix on trowel


  1. The first step to repotting a citrus plant is to find a suitable new pot. This pot needs to be about 25% bigger than the existing one and have good drainage holes.
  2. Cover the base of the pot with broken pot pieces to ensure good drainage. This is important as you do not want your citrus plant to become waterlogged.
  3. Choose a potting mix or compost to repot your citrus plant with. We advise using Westland Citrus Potting Mix. This is because it is a specially blended mix, which contains Seramis granules for optimum water and nutrient availability. It is also loam-rich to retain nutrients for fruit development. Place a layer of the chosen potting mix in the bottom of the pot.
  4. Gently, remove the plant from the existing pot and place into the new pot. Before you place into the new pot, be sure to remove any roots that are brown, by cutting them off.
  5. Fill the pot with more potting mix, ensuring that the top feeder roots are covered with at least 2cm (1 inch) of fresh potting mix.
  6. Water well and keep in light shade for a few weeks to allow roots to grow.

wesltand citrus potting mix 10L

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