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Houseplant Droplet Feeder
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Westland Houseplant Droplet Feeder is a convenient ready to use feed that keeps houseplants healthy. It contains all the essential nutrients houseplants need for healthy growth and greener leaves. Simply, snip off the top and push into the compost and it will feed your plants for four weeks.

  • Convenient ready to use feed
  • Feeds plants for 4 weeks
  • Promotes healthy growth and greener leaves
  • Also see our Houseplant Potting Mix and Feed

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Sizes available

  • 40ml
  • Product Details
  • How to Use
  • Tips & Advice

Why Use

  • A balanced formula enriched with all the essential nutrients that houseplants need to thrive
  • Gives houseplants feed for up to 4 weeks

houseplant droplet feeder front of pack 1 month feed

How to Use

  • Simply snip off the end, and place at a 45° angle into the compost or soil that the houseplant is sitting in
  • This will feed your houseplant for 4 weeks
  • Replace when the droplet feeder is empty

houseplant droplet feeder how to use

When to Use

  • All year round

Tips for Better Results

  • Place plants in bright positions but avoid direct sunlight if possible
  • Avoid large fluctuations in room temperatures as this may cause leaf drop
  • Treat houseplants to a leaf shine to remove dust

General Advice

  • Store in a safe, dry, frost – free place, away from children, pets and foodstuffs
  • Wash hands and exposed skin after use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use this for edible crops?

A. Yes, although for best results use feed that will encourage flower production and crop yield, for example Big Tom Tomato food.

Q. Can I use this for Orchids?

A. Yes, however we produce a Orchid droplet feeder for feeding orchids whilst in flower

For any questions or advice, please contact our technical advice line on 01480 443789 (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm) or email [email protected]

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