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pruning trees around lawn

How pruning trees and foliage can help your lawn

Lawns don’t need masses of sunshine, but they do need light to grow green, healthy, and strong. Where light is scarce lawns will yellow, and the grass can become weak and less resistant to disease, wear, and tear.  So, in shady conditions like this the simplest solution is to remove some of the shade on your lawn by pruning shrubs and trees. Removing any fallen leaves or sticks that have fallen on your lawn will also give it the best chance.

How much should you prune?

It’s not necessary to completely remove trees and shrubs to let light in. Thinning out should do the job. This means taking out some of the branches to let some of the light get through. When trees cover the garden, the soil can also become very dry. Pruning will also help the lawn access moisture. Most trees can tolerate having up to 25% of the canopy removed safely at one time as well as their height reduced by 1/3.

What tool should you use to prune?

Pruning is best done using are sharp pair of secateurs like Kent & Stowe Eversharp All Purpose Secateurs or alternative a pruning knife can be used.

Eversharp Bypass Secateurs in use











More advice on Pruning

For more guidance on pruning see our article on how to prune.

Other ways to improve a shady lawn

If the lawn needs overseeding try Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed Shady & Dry. It’s is a blend of ultra-shade resistant and drought tolerant seed varieties. This provides a very resilient grass capable of growing even under minimal sunlight . This premium blend includes Aqua gel coated lawn seed, that soaks up to 400 times its weight in water and slowly releases moisture to the seed. With added mycorrhizae fungi that promotes growth of the root system to maximise water and nutrient uptake..

Gro-sure Smart Lawn Seed Shady & Dry Areas in use

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