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winter lawn care

Winter Lawn Care

Winter is a quiet time for the lawn. It’s essential to keep foot traffic to a minimum and to keep an eye on the growth of the lawn. Use the winter months as a time to plan and prepare for the season ahead. If your garden needs a new lawn, plan it out over the winter, so that you are ready for action when the warmer weather arrives.

Stop mowing

Its time to stop mowing your lawn. During the winter, anything below 5°C your lawn should stop growing and therefore will not require mowing. Mowing it at this time could cause unnecessary damage. You should only mow the lawn if its necessary and the conditions are favourable. So it is not advised to mow if there is a heavy frost or snow expected or if the ground is very wet.

It might be an ideal time to clean or service your mower or get it serviced ready for spring.

Sweep up fallen leaves

Winter lawn care includes periodically sweeping up fallen leaves and any debris using a light rake or brush. Fallen leaves will trap moisture and encourage disease and worm activity. But be careful to keep foot traffic to a minimum as this could damage your lawn.

3 in 1 leaf rake

Look out for water puddles

If water puddles appear on your lawn after heavy rain, this is a sign that the soil is compacted. Therefore it will benefit from aerating later on in the spring. Use an aerator or a garden fork to relieve compaction. By doing this you will improve drainage and allow more air into the root system. Ultimately leading to a healthier lawn.

kent & stowe stainless steel lawn aerator in use

Caring for new lawns over winter

If you decided to sow a new lawn this summer. You should keep off your newly sown or turfed areas of lawn. Resting your lawn is extremely practical, as the grass will damage easily and not repair itself until spring time.  If a heavy frost lifts new turfs, then use a heavy roller during a dry spell to level them out again.

Prepare for a new lawn

Lawn care in the winter is quiet so if you are planning to sow a new lawn in the spring, dig over the area during the winter and leave the soil in clumps on the surface for the frost to break it up.

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