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Flopro Multi Flo 360° Sprinkler
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Our Flopro Multi Flo 360° Sprinkler features ground spike and has 4 patterns.

High performance and robust – efficiently waters grass and established plants. Maximum area of coverage is 227m2. The Flopro Multi Flo 360° Sprinkler allows a snap-fit to all watering brands.

Sprinkler Features

  • 4 spray patterns with variable water angles
  • Part of a modular system that can be extended with more sprinklers
  • Durable ground spike for use in lawns and borders
  • Made from premium grade plastic
  • Diameter: 20m
  • Water covers a maximum circular area surface of (17m) – 227m²
  • Coverage: 314m2
  • 100% compatible with all watering brands
  • View our full Flopro product range here

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How to use

How to use the Flopro Multi Flo 360° Sprinkler

1.Push the ground spike into your lawn
2. Attach your hose with hose connector to the outlet on the sprinkler
3. Once you turn on your tap the flow of water will start
4. To adjust the coverage area turn the grey dials to desired position from 20 to 360 degrees
5. To adjust the spray patterns twist the dial on the head to reveal patterns
6. Flow direction can be adjusted by pushing the sprinkler head up or down

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