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How to get rid of fairy rings

Fairy rings are circles of toadstools in the lawn which can create unsightly damage.

They are a fungal infection, which can sometimes include rings of moss and uneven colour.

What you’re looking to do is to remove all trace of the fungal infection and then grow strong, healthy grass in its place.

Follow the step by step guide below to get help get rid of fairy rings.

Step 1

Remove any clumps of fungi and solitary toadstools that are growing.

Step 2

If you have a bare, mossy brown circle, digging this out to a depth of at least 30cm (about 12 inches).

This must be done very carefully, removing any fungal strands (mycelium) in the soil and if necessary excavating further to ensure that they have all been removed.

Take care not to drop infected soil onto the rest of the lawn.

Refill the hole with Westland Top Soil and re-seed using a Gro-Sure Smart seed

Step 3

Once grass is established, feed with Aftercut Ultra Green Plus to promote healthy grass, which will better withstand any fungal attacks!

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