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Which Weedstop™ is right for you?

There are two types of weed control fabric : permeable and non-permeable. They both have different features that make them suitable for different jobs. So it is essential you find out which Weedstop™ fabric is right for you.

Weedstop™ has three different fabric choices to suit a variety of jobs such as beds and borders, gravel, pathways and driveways. We have divided our fabrics into the two categories of permeable and non-permeable to help with choosing a fabric.

weedstop classic in pack weedstop performance in packaging weedstop ultimate in pack

Our permeable fabrics are called Weedstop™ Classic and Weedstop™ Performance. Both of these fabrics are made from spun bonded polyester which means it is thin light and strong. The fabric therefore allows water, air and nutrients to pass through. But importantly it blocks weeds and light. As a result of its makeup its perfect for use in beds and borders.

Weedstop™ classic has a guarantee of 5 yrs and Performance a guarantee of 15 yrs

Our non-permeable fabric is called Weedstop™ Ultimate. Its is made from a welded polyester tape, and is incredibly durable and strong. This is why we have given it a 15yr guarantee. However, this fabric is not breathable, so it is not suitable for use in beds and borders as the plants would dry out. Although, because it is durable it is perfect for placing under gravel paths or patio’s. Or in fact any hard surfaces where long term weed control is required.

Now you know which weedstop™ fabric is right for you. You might like to read about how weedstop™ fabric works

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