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Learn about Weed Fabric

Using a weed control fabric to suppress your weeds is a great idea to discourage weeds from growing. In this article you can learn about weed fabric as we take you through the uses of the fabric and why you should use it.

Using weed control fabric or landscaping fabric will:

  • Discourage weeds from growing – because it stops sunlight from reaching weed seeds and will therefore either reduce or eliminate them entirely
  • Environmentally friendly – as using the fabric limits the need for using harsher weed controls such as chemicals
  • Conserves moisture – adding this fabric to your beds and borders helps to reduce water evaporation. Consequently less watering is required
  • Cost effective – because it lasts for tears. So there is no need to re purchase weed control every season

Our Weedstop™ fabric comes in three types: Classic, Performance and Ultimate. They work as a weed solution, but to different areas in your garden so its important to understand how each one works.


Learn about how weed Fabric works: 

weedstop classic how it works weedstop performance how it works weedstop ultimate how it works

If you want to learn more about how weedstop™ works read our article

Which fabric to use

  • Classic is perfect for use in beds and borders because it allows water and nutrients through. It is also easy to cut and place around plants.
  • Performance should be used under paving, patio’s and decking. It blocks sunlight but it also allows water through to avoid flooding.
  • Ultimate is ideal for use under gravel and stone because it blocks sunlight entirely

If you want to know which fabric to choose for your weed suppressing task find out more here

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