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Create Beautiful Garden Borders

Borders are a fantastic way to transform your garden from being dull and dreary to being full of life and flourishing. Everyone wants to be able to create beautiful garden borders that flower for a very long time. Here are some top tips on making your borders look stunning in the garden this year.

The plants

The plants you chose and the placement of them is probably one of the most important things when creating beautiful garden borders. It is best to choose plants that have complementary colours to create either a subtle or contrasting pattern. Evergreen plants can look great in borders by providing form and structure while also looking beautiful all year round. It is also advisable to plant perennials in groups so that they have more impact.

Nourish the soil

It is important to keep the soil in good health as this is what provides a lot of the nutrients to the plants. Applying a mulch to the soil is a great way of providing nutrients, retaining moisture and preventing weed growth.

Weed Stop Decorative Ground Cover is a 100% natural protective and decorative mulch that is perfect for garden borders. This provides interlocking wood fibres which means that the cover stays in place for a long time. These interlocking fibres also create a barrier which blocks light to stop weeds from growing. It also retains moisture in the soil. The best bit about Weed Stop is that it gives you 33% better coverage than bark and will 100% look beautiful in your beds, borders and containers.

weed stop lifestyle

To apply Weed Stop Decorative Ground Cover effectively, follow these simple steps:

weed stop

  • PREPARATION: Clear away the weeds from the borders. Make sure you remove the roots as well. Water the plants and soil before applying to ensure the soil is moist.
  • APPLICATION: Spread a layer of the Weed Stop 3cm (1 to 2 inches) deep over the soil surface. Ensure that the soil is completely covered and that you get in and around the base of the plant. After the Weed Stop has been applied, water over the surface to lock the fibres of the mulch together
  • AFTERCARE: Once you have applied the Weed Stop mulch once, it will stay effective for many years*.

*may need occasional replenishment to maintain a thick enough layer on top of the soil.


If you want to have borders with lots of long lasting flowers, feeding them is very important. During the growing season, feeding the plants will provide them with extra nutrients that are essential for full growth. A good feed to use is Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Feed. Boost is an all-purpose plant feed formulated with the perfect blend of nutrients to provide up to 4x more blooms. The first plant feed optimised for both peat and peat free composts. Find out more about Boost here.

Following these tips will mean you have a healthy, beautiful and long lasting border.

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