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How to Grow Roses

Containerised roses can be planted at any time of the year, as long as the soil is not waterlogged, frozen or suffering from drought.

For best results, plant roses in the autumn or early spring.

Step 1

How to plant a rose

Choose a rose plant from your local garden centre with at least 3 healthy, well-balanced stems.

Submerge the container and the rose roots into a bucket of slightly tepid water.

It is important to ensure that the root ball and the surrounding compost is thoroughly wet before planting.

Decide where you want to plant the rose and dig a hole larger than the size of the root ball. It needs to be deep enough to plant the rose up to the base of the crown of stems and you need to allow enough room to add some compost too.

Loosen the soil at the base of the hole and around the sides with a fork to allow the roots easier access.

Fill the base of the hole with Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure.

Remove the rose plant from the container and place the root ball of the rose into the hole, so that the crown is level with the top of the planting hole.

Turn the rose around until its best side faces in the direction it is most likely to be viewed from.

Fill in around the roots with Gro-Sure Rose, Tree & Shrub Compost, mixing this in with the surrounding soil.

Pack the soil and compost mix around the root ball firmly, but do not compact too much.

When the hole is refilled completely, firm the soil around the plant with the sole of your boots and water well.

Step 2


Check on the rose after about a week.

You may find that the compost/soil mixture has settles and sunk a little around the base of the rose. If so, fill in the sunken area with more Gro-Sure Rose, Tree & Cutting Compost and firm gently.

Mulch around your plant with Westland Decorative Mini Bark.

Step 3

Feed roses every two weeks from spring to summer using Westland Rose Food until the flower buds form.

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