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Compost for Specialist Plants

Growing specialist plants can be difficult as they all have specific needs. This is why Westland have developed a range of specialist composts which are designed to give them all they need to thrive and to make it easier for you to grow and care for.

Westland’s Planting & Potting Mixes are all blended to meet specialist plants specific growing needs. They also build plant immunity and strengthens the plants resilience at the same time, meaning they will be able to withstand pests, disease and stress too.

specialist compost range

Choose our specialist Planting & Potting Mixes to give a more beautiful abundance of blooms. For even better results, use with our specialist plant feeds.

The range includes;

rose compost

Westland also have a range of specialist potting mixes for indoor plants too. Special indoor plants, such as bonsai, orchids, citrus, cacti plants need careful treatment and also have specific needs.

The indoor compost range includes composts to suit bonsai, orchids, citrus, cacti and houseplants. These mixes will give optimum water retention and contain all the essential nutrients each specialist plant needs for more beautiful, healthier houseplants.

For even better results, use with our indoor plant feeds.

orchid mix in use

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