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How to Keep your Christmas Poinsettia Alive

The showy red Poinsettia is perhaps the most common houseplant at Christmas, most of us can’t resist this cheery festive addition. These plants originate from Mexico and contrary to popular belief aren’t difficult to care for if you know how. Here are some top tips on how to care for your Christmas Poinsettia.

1. Steady temperature

Poinsettias don’t like fluctuating temperatures and prefer a steady room temperature between 13 and 20 C. They need warmth and light so can be kept close to a radiator and away from drafts. Don’t keep them near the fire, doorways or windows.


2. Inspect the leaves

Get into the habit of inspecting the leaves for any that are turning yellow or falling off. This indicates you are probably over-watering. Very much like an Orchid they need little water so only a few sips every few days will do. The roots shouldn’t be allowed to dry out though.


3. A mist a day

To ensure good colour, mist spray your plants daily to raise the humidity levels.


4. Feeding

Feeding is essential for a long lasting display that can last through to March. Try feeding with our new Westland Houseplant Feed once a week.


5. Wilting

If your plant wilts you should be able to rescue it by soaking the root ball in warm water for an hour or so. It might not last as long but it should recover.


6. Extending its life

If you’re feeling really brave you can try to keep the plant for next year. If you want to do this start gradually reducing its water intake from March and then prune back once the leaves drop and keep fairly dry. In May increase watering and re-pot when new shoots appear. It will need feeding once a week once it’s taken to its new pot.

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