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Compost for Pots and Containers

Plants grown in pots and containers are almost totally dependent on compost for their nutrition. They can also dry out very quickly. That’s why choosing the right plant compost for their needs is absolutely essential to get great results.

The Best Compost

Westland Container & Basket Planting Mix has been specially blended for season long flowering. It nourishes and hydrates, for long lasting blooms and more flowers and foliage. Westland Container & Basket Planting Mix is also enriched with water retaining granules to support vibrant, healthy plants.  Additionally, it’s enriched with:

  • 6 months feed for more abundant, bigger blooms
  • Unique water storing granules for easy watering
  • West+® natural fibres for stronger roots and bigger plants

As a result, you’ll see reduced plant stress and deeper colour and glossier foliage.

Plus, the water retaining granules increase the compost’s ability to retain water for longer periods of time. This reduces the need for frequent watering. The granules have the capacity to hold up to 400x its on weight in water and releases water back to the plant when required. This action helps to reduce the occurrence of plant stress from over or under watering, enabling plants to focus energy on flower production all season long.


Compost for Pots & Containers: the best



  • Westland Ericaceous Planting & Potting Mix – If the plants in your pots or containers are acid-loving, it’s best to use this compost, fill them with compost to help them thrive. In addition to the slow release feed, it’s specially blended with added zinc complex. This helps to naturally support plant health for an abundance of stronger, healthier acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias.

Compost for Pots & Containers: ericaceous

  • New Horizon All Plant Compost – For an alternative, naturally peat free solution, use all around the garden for amazing results. New Horizon All Plant Compost is a naturally peat-free formulation that gives every plant triple the goodness. This peat-free formulation is ideal for all types of plants and can also feed your plants for up to 6 weeks. Additionally, our special BIO3 formulation includes 3 special ingredients to help your plants thrive.

Compost for Pots & Containers: new horizon

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