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The ground may be frozen, but there’s still a few jobs to do in the garden. Digging, clearing up after storms and caring for garden birds is just the respite needed to deal with the over-indulgence of festive food!

General Maintenance

Clear fences, trees and bushes after winter storms and repair any fencing which has blown down. Prevent slips, trips and falls by keeping paths and driveways clear from leaves and snow. Insulate outside taps to prevent leaks. Do some winter digging in beds, borders and plots if the ground is frost-free. Any large clumps of soil left will break down further when frosts arrive.

TOP TIP – Dig Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure into bare soil to improve nutrients levels.

A bag of gro sure farmyard manure.

Bird Care

Switch to an energy rich bird food designed for the colder winter months. Suet products including energy balls, suet nuggets and suet cakes are also perfect as they contain lots of fat and calories, ideal for small birds who can lost 10% of their body weight overnight during frost/snow.

TOP TIP – Peckish Winter Warmer Seed Mix will keep garden birds cosy and warm during cold weather.

A bag of Peckish Winter Warmer extra energy seed mix.

Indoor Gardening

Bring some festive joy into your home by buying an Amaryllis or Poinsettia plant. If you’re opting for a real tree this year, store it in a sheltered spot in the garden in a bucket of water if you want to wait before bringing it inside. 

TOP TIP – Give indoor plants a boost by feeding with Westland Indoor Plant Food.

A bottle of westland indoor plant food.


  1. Insulate outside taps to prevent leaks
  2. Keep paths and driveways clear
  3. Clear up after winter storms
  4. Switch to a winter bird food

  5. Buy a Christmas tree or festive plant


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