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Citrus trees: How to grow

Citrus trees: How to grow

Citrus plants have exacting demands and need a quality compost that caters for their needs.

Choose Westland Citrus Compost, which is slightly acidic, so perfect for citrus plants. It also contains loam, which has the capacity to absorb nutrients which are readily available to be released back to the plants as they grow.

Step 1

Choose a suitable planter for your citrus plant.

It needs to be slightly larger than the container your plant is growing in.

Add a layer of Westland Potting Grit to the base of the planter to improve drainage.

Step 2

Add a layer of Westland Citrus Compost on top of the potting grit, making sure that you leave enough room for the root ball.

Water your citrus plant thoroughly and then carefully remove it from its pot. Check the roots for damage and disease, then carefully remove any that show signs of decay.

Carefully loosen the roots around the edge of the root ball to encourage them to grow into the new compost.

Step 3

Place the root ball into the planter so that the roots rest on top of the citrus compost. The plant should be at about the same level in the compost as it was in its original container. Don’t plant it any deeper or leave it more exposed.

Fill in around the sides with more Westland Citrus Compost, packing it down between the planter and the root ball firmly.

Step 4

Water well and mist the leaves with tepid water.

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