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Jump to the pump!

Jump to the pump!

Jump to the pump!

We need to get rid of weeds. They compete with our cultivated plants for soil nutrition and moisture, as well as light. They also harbour pests and diseases, which can spread to our most valued plants. And, on top of all that, they make the place look untidy!

Weeds in beds and borders require a different consideration to those growing in lawns or on hard surfaces. Apart from using hands to pull weeds from the soil, a sharp hoe is one of the most valuable tools for tackling annual weeds growing in borders. Slice through the weeds just below the soil surface, as and when they appear.

But deeper rooted perennials need a bit more done to them. If you want to, you can dig them out with a trowel or weed fork, but this can be slow, back-breaking work.

Alternatively use a weedkiller. If you have established beds, you need to be careful that you don’t harm cultivated plants. This is where controlled or directional spraying comes in with Resolva Powerpump. It is a large 5 litre container, it comes with a pump handle which you pump up-and-down 20 times to increase pressure inside, giving you five minutes of controlled spraying. Direct the lance at the weeds you want to kill, for good spray accuracy. Simple!

In addition to all the annual weeds, this weedkiller will tackle the most difficult-to-eradicate perennial types, such as grasses, docks, nettles, dandelions and bindweed. You’ll see a marked difference in the weeds even within 24 hours!

Final tip: If you have just an area of hard landscaping to weed (such as paths, patios and driveways), this can be difficult to do; the tight confines between individual bricks or slabs make weeding by hand difficult. Hand-held patio ‘weeders’ are available to tackle these tight spots, but you’ll need to do this regularly if perennial weeds are the problem. Here, I use either the ready-to-use Resolva Path & Patio RTU spray, or the Resolva Path & Patio Liquid Shots for mixing in a can. They quickly sort me out. Their systemic action means that they kill the whole weed, including the root.



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