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Deadfast Weedkiller Concentrate

  • Kills the weed and its roots
  • Concentrated weedkiller for use neat or diluted depending on the type of weed
  • Contains glyphosate
  • Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use
  • Sizes 3x100ml sachet, 12x100ml sachet
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Deadfast Weedkiller will kill most living plant tissue on paths, drives and wasteland. It can be applied straight from the sachet to clear well established woody weeds and trees, or diluted down to eradicate large areas of weeds and plants. The active ingredient works through systemic action as it is carried throughout the plant by the sap. After absorption through foliage or cut stumps, the Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate is carried to the outer extremities of the plant’s root system where it begins to work. Effects should be visible in 7-14 days.

Deadfast Weedkiller is a total herbicide and as such care should be taken that it does not come into contact
with wanted plants. After use ensure that garden sprayers or other vessels used for application are thoroughly
cleaned, as traces of product left in equipment can damage or destroy plants sprayed later.

12 x 100ml Sachets will treat up to 720m² when using a sprayer.

Instructions for use

Spray Application

• Cut the corner off the sachet and pour the contents (100ml) into the application vessel and then add clean water to make 1 full litre
of product.
• Spray lightly, or pour gently, over leaves until they are thoroughly wet but take care to avoid run off.
• For best results apply when weeds are actively growing.
• Effects can be seen in a few days but full control can take up to 4 weeks.
• If it rains within 6 hours of application then effectiveness can be reduced and re-application is advised.
• Apply this product carefully. Ensure spraying takes place only when weeds are actively growing (normally March to October) and is
confined only to visible weeds including those in the 30cm swath covering the kerb edge and road gulley – do not overspray drains.

Direct Application

• To eradicate woody and well-established weeds first cut back the plant so that the exposed stem or trunk is near ground level.
• Apply Deadfast Weeedkiller within 4 days of cutting back the plant.
• Cut the corner off the sachet and pour the contents directly onto exposed wood or plant stem. Ensure an even coating is applied but take care to avoid wanted plants.

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