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Garden Gravel

For creating an attractive garden paths or simply adding a decorative finish to a rockery or alpine planting, Westland Garden Gravel is the perfect choice. 

This pea-sized gravel is equally suited for mulching around plants to help retain moisture and suppress weeds, as well as improving container drainage.

  • Washed and graded 6-10mm gravel
  • For creating permanent paths
  • Decorative finish to rockeries
  • Retains & suppresses weeds
  • Provides container drainage
  • Size 20KG

What's so special about Westland Garden Gravel?

Westland Garden Gravel has been specially sourced and washed to produce a carefully graded lime-free gravel about 4-6mm in size, perfect for use all around the garden.

How do I use it?

First put on a pair of gloves and cut the top of the bag. Then you're good to go!

1. Garden Paths

Westland Garden Gravel can provide a decorative finish to small paths in the garden. Compact a base layer of sand and level off, then spread a thick layer of gravel 2-5cm deep on the path and rake over until it is level. 

2. Creating Rockeries & Alpine Plantings

Use Westland Garden Gravel to create the perfect finish to Rockeries and Alpine Plantings. Spread a thick layer 2-4cm deep around plants and between rock features to create a well draining weed free background to the planting.

3. Plant Mulching 

To create an exotic look to your garden, use Westland Garden Gravel to mulch around plants of medierranean variety in your garden. Spread a layer 2-4cm deep around the plants. The mulch will reduce water loss and help suppress weed growth.

4. Container Drainage

Westland Garden Gravel makes an excellent lining for large containers to provide a free draining base and to reduce the risk of water-logging. It is also perfect for adding weight to a container, making them more stable. Add 2-4cm of gravel into the container and then add compost.

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