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Horticultural Sand
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Westland Horticultural Sand is a versatile product suitable for a multitude of garden uses. Perfect for mixing with compost to create the optimum growing media for seeds and cuttings, or for improving lawn drainage and breaking down heavy soils.

  • For easy transplanting & improving drainage
  • Aids cutting establishment & aeration
  • Reduces root damage during pricking out
  • Breaks up heavy soil

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  • 20kg
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Why Use

Westland Horticultural Sand has been specially sourced and washed to produce a carefully graded lime-free horticultural sand, which is free draining making it the perfect accompaniment for a number of gardening uses:

  • Mixing with composts
  • Sowing seeds & taking cuttings
  • Lawn drainage
  • Capillary benches
  • Breaking up heavy soils

How to Use

1. Mixing with Composts

Add approximately one handful (20-30g) of sand to each litre of compost and mix in well.

Westland Horticultural Sand can be used to allow extra drainage to stop roots from becoming water-logged.

2. Sowing Seeds and taking Cuttings

Westland Horticultural Sand can be used to mix with compost to produce a free draining seed bed to help germination and avoid damping off and other fungal diseases. Mix 1 part sand to 3 parts compost to produce a seed and cutting mix.

By creating a looser structure, it also aids pricking out to stop root damage to the delicate seedlings.

Tip – Some seeds grow better when sown in compost, topped with a layer of sand. Check instructions on seed packet.

3. Lawn Drainage

Lawns can become compacted and water-logged in wet weather. To improve drainage use the tines of a fork, or a hollow tined aerator to create drainage holes in the lawn. Apply a liberal dressing of Westland Horticultural Sand 4-6cm deep across the lawn and using a soft brush, work this into the holes to create drainage channels.

4. Capillary Benches

Westland Horticultural Sand is excellent for use on Capillary Benches in greenhouses. Prepare the capillary bed ensuring the lining is intact. Spread on an even layer of Westland Horticultural Sand 4-6cm deep across the bed using a flat board. Water the bench to saturation point and then place the plant pots firmly into the capillary bed to ensure water is drawn up into the pots.

5. Breaking up Heavy Soils

Spread a good shovel full per square metre and dig into the soil or work into beds and borders with a fork. This will improve drainage and help break down heavy clay soils.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use this product to kill moss on my lawn?

A. No, Westland Horticultural sand is a versatile product best suited for multiple uses around the garden. We would advise to use Lawn Sand to tackle moss on your lawn

For any other questions or advice please contact our Technical Advice line on:  01480 443789 (Mon-Fri 9am- 5pm) or email customerservice@westlandhorticulture.com

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