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resolva xpress 24 hour concentrate
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Please note this product has been retired from the range. However, you may still be able to purchase this item online or in store. Should you have any queries or issues with the product please do get in touch.

Please see our full weed control range to choose an alternative.

Resolva Xpress 24H Concentrate kills weeds fast, with visible effects after just 24 hours. It controls weeds on areas around trees/ornamentals and under shrubs/trees because it doesn’t harm the woody parts of the plants. Good control is achieved against dandelions, plantain, annual meadow grass, deadnettle, chickweed, thistle and also knotgrass.

  • Kills weeds & roots fast
  • Visible effects after 24 hours
  • For use on annual and perennial weeds
  • Use on natural paths and around trees, as well as ornamental plants
  • Find out more about the Resolva range here

Sizes available

  • 1L
  • Product Details
  • How to Use
  • Tips & Advice

Why Use

Weeds can be a problem around the garden especially if you let them grow. They will compete for the same space and nutrients as your plants and if left untreated they will create seedlings and spread further. Resolva Xpress 24H Concentrate starts killing weeds immediately with results visible within hours. It’s effective on a wide spectrum of weeds, but contains no glyphosate and is non-hazardous to bees.

glysophate free

We have created a Glyphosate free formula for gardeners looking for a greener more natural approach to controlling their garden weeds but still want results.

What to Expect

When Resolva Xpress 24H Concentrate is used, directly exposed green parts of the plant will quickly brown and die. Perennial or large persistent weeds may require re-treatment. Woody parts of the plant will not be effected.

Resolva Xpress 24H Concentrate contains Pelargonic Acid. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Resolva 24H lifestyle

When to Use

Use on calm day when weeds are actively growing. To increase effectivity, use at temperatures above 15°C. Rainfall within less than 12 hours after treatment may impair the effect of the product. Resolva Xpress 24H Concentrate is most effective when applied to small actively growing weeds. To protect terrestrial and aquatic organisms do not apply this product until weeds have established and ground cover has reached approximately 25%.

Where to Use

For use on natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation and gravel or permeable surfaces overlying soil where no vegetation is wanted, including around the base of walls/sheds and on any waste ground which is not intended for growing. Resolva Xpress 24H Concentrate controls weeds on areas around trees/ ornamentals and under shrubs/ trees because it doesn´t harm the woody parts of the plants. Good control is achieved e.g. against dandelion, plantain, annual meadow grass, deadnettle, chickweed, thistle and knotgrass.

How to Use

Measure the area to be treated and determine the amount of spray required, do not
make up more spray than is required. Good spray cover of the weeds is essential. Do not direct spray or allow spray to drift onto cultivated plants as Resolva Xpress 24H Concentrate destroys all green plant parts.
Application must be done with a garden sprayer. Using the measuring cap provided, carefully measure based on the information below;

Fields of Mixing Ratio application/Crops

Annual and perennial weeds on paths and open areas with tree growth or woody and non-woody ornamentals

Mixing Ratio

170 ml product in 1L of water(17ml of product/m2 max. individual dose)

Spray solution

100 ml /m²

Max. no. of applications/yr.


Time of application

During vegetation period; up to the 10 leaf stage (e.g. dandelion) and/or up to a height of 10cm (e.g. grasses).

  • Treated areas can be re-entered immediately after drying of spray, making sure to keep children and pets away from treated areas until spray has dried
  • All application equipment must be thoroughly cleaned with water prior to storage or use on another crop. In areas of hard water, the product should be diluted with rain or soft water
  • Do not use the product on impermeable surfaces such as concrete, tarmac or paved areas, where the weedkiller solution might run off onto adjacent land or into drains or gutters. The product must not be applied between 18th September and 1st April
  • Resolva Xpress 24H Concentrate does not possess long-term effects against weeds, i.e. re-emergence may occur. Therefore, repeat application at 2-4 week intervals if incomplete control is achieved or following regrowth.

First aid: If swallowed seek medical attention and show container or label. After contact with skin or eyes: Wash skin thoroughly with water. Immediately rinse eyes thoroughly with eyewash solution or clean water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long before I can see results?
A. You should normally see some effect on the plant within hours.

Q. What is pelargonic acid made from?
A. It is a fatty acid which occurs naturally as esters in the oil of pelargonium (commonly known as geraniums).

Q. Can I use this product on my lawn?
A. No, this product will also damage lawns.

For any questions or advice, please contact our technical advice line on: 01480 443789 (Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm) or email [email protected]


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