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Top 5 tips for attracting wildlife to your garden

Top 5 tips for attracting wildlife to your garden

1. Place a bug box or two around your garden to provide a snug, safe place for ladybirds, bees and other beneficial insects.

2. Hang up a bird feeder and fill it with Peckish Complete seed mix, which can be used all year round.

3. Sow plants and flowers that attract insects, such as Buddleia or lavender or other wildlife attracting plants. For an easy splash of wildlife-attracting flowers, use our Nature’s Haven Easy Wildflowers mix.

4. Provide a source of water for birds, insects and other wildlife. A pond, bird bath, or even a bowl of water

5. Start composting and create a shelter for hedgehogs and other forms of wildlife. Don’t add meat or dairy leftovers of you will attract vermin.

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