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Top 5 Summer Flowering Bulbs

Bulbs, tubers, roots and corms will fill your summer garden with an array of colour, depth and variety. What’s more they will continue to do so for many years to come meaning that you can enjoy the gorgeous displays for years on end.

Bulbs are one of the most easiest and rewarding plants to grow and take up very little space in your garden borders so they are ideal for filling in any gaps.


When to Plant Summer Flowering Bulbs

The perfect time to start planting you summer bulb display is usually around mid-March when the weather has started to get a bit warmer. With a little forward planning, magnificent displays can easily be created.

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Bulb Planting Depths

For the novice gardener, a key point to consider when planting bulbs is the depth that the bulb needs to be planted. Bulb planting depths can vary depending on the plant species and the size of the bulb. As a rule of thumb, most bulbs can be planted at a depth of approximately 3 times their own height. However, it is advised to check the individual labels for the exact depths before planting.


Display Compositions

When planning your display, consider the heights of the plant once they are in full bloom. Usually, tall-growing bulbs are planted towards the back and in the middle of the flower bed / border and smaller bulbs in front and medium-high ones in between. The benefit of bulbs is that you can personalise your display and make it your own. You may even choose to grow bulbs of all sizes in a single space.

Tall bulbs will need to be planted at a deeper depth, so plant them in first. Then add a layer of soil (Our Bulb planting compost works wonders!) and place medium-high bulbs directly over them. Finally add another layer of soil and then plant the small bulbs. Since small bulbs flower first, the same spot will offer a succession of bloom for the gardening season.


Our Top 5 Flowering Bulbs

With an assortment of choices and a variety of colourful bulbs to choose from it can be confusing trying to decide which bulbs to buy. If you are in need of some inspiration, here are our top 5 summer flowering bulbs:

1. Allium

Alliums (ornamental onions) are very distinctive and attractive plants that look magnificent in flower beds and borders. The spherical varieties are available in a range of sizes and shades of blue, purple, white and yellow. Alliums can add a touch of colour, height and depth to even the most crowded garden. As well as providing beauty to the outside, once grown they make excellent cut flowers for fresh and dried bouquets indoors.



2. Oriental Lily

Oriental lilies are known as a classic ‘late bloomer’ and beautiful edition to any garden not just by sight but by fragrance. They are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. Lilies make beautiful cut flowers and add a statement to bouquets.




3. Begonia

Begonias are a versatile and reliable variety to choose. This colourful variety creates wonderful displays in hanging baskets, containers and borders. Begonias are available in a variety of flower head sizes including large, small, double and are also available as trailing varieties. They are suitable for sunny and shady positions.




4. Dahlia

Dahlias create a dazzling display in your garden and perform well in dry and sunny spots in your garden. One benefit of Dahlias is that as they are a drought tolerant plant so they can cope well during the hot, dry weather.




5. Crocosmia

Crocosmia originate from South Africa and are elegant plants that produce arching stems and an abundance of bold and beautiful flowers. They are a hardy perennial bulb and can be grown in pots or containers on the patio. Plant in groups within the border for a larger, more spectacular display.

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