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why choose surecut cutting tools

Why choose SureCut Cutting Tools?

Choosing a good cutting tool is crucial for the success of any gardening task. A high quality cutting tool can make a significant difference in the efficiency and precision of your cutting job.  Whether you are pruning, trimming, or harvesting, the right tool ensures clean cuts, promoting plant health and growth. Sharp and well-maintained cutting tools minimise stress on plants, reducing the risk of diseases and infections.

Additionally, a good cutting tool enhances the overall gardening experience by making the tasks more comfortable and enjoyable. Investing in a reliable and durable cutting tool not only saves time and effort but also contributes to the long term health and vitality of your garden. Ultimately, the right cutting tool is an essential companion for any gardener.

So why choose SureCut?

Extraordinary choice

Kent & Stowe’s SureCut cutting range ensures there’s a tool for whatever the cutting task in hand, whether it be deadheading, edging lawns or cutting thick branches of trees.

SureCut Secateurs

Secateurs are designed for precision pruning of smaller branches, stems, and foliage. They are ideal for delicate tasks like deadheading flowers, shaping shrubs, and trimming smaller plants.

The range includes All Purpose and Hard Wood Secateurs for the pruning of live and dead wood, as well as Perennial Snips for the trimming and shaping of shrub and bushes.  There is also Ratchet Secateurs for the pruning of mature, hard dead wood that requires that extra power.

kent and stowe surecut all purpose bypass secateurs in use

SureCut Loppers

Loppers are for cutting larger branches and stems that are beyond the capacity of secateurs. They are effective for tasks like pruning fruit trees, thick shrub branches, and general tree maintenance. Whether you want to prune green, live wood or chop down thick, dead wood, SureCut loppers will do the job, efficiently and effortlessly. All our loppers feature a unique Reflex Energy System which gives you maximum cutting power but with reduced effort. Find out more below.

kent and stowe surecut hard wood extra power loppers in use

SureCut Shears

Shears are designed for shaping and trimming hedges, shrubs, and grass and are ideal for creating clean and neat edges in the garden. The SureCut range of shears are perfect for trimming grass edges, cutting grass and also for shaping hedges and shrubs.

kent and stowe surecut adjustable height lawn edging shears in use

Extraordinary blades

We know how important it is to have sharp, good quality blades as they not only improve the ease of the task, but also have an impact on the health of a plant. This is why all of our SureCut cutting tools have blades that are made from high quality SK5 carbon steel. This material is known for its high hardness allowing tools to retain their sharpness over long periods of use. SK5 carbon steel is also durable and can withstand the stress and impact of cutting through various different materials. It also has good resistance to wear and abrasion. SureCut blades are also coated with Chrome which means they have high rust resistance to prolong the lifespan of the tool. This also helps maintain its functionality, and treduces the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.

SureCut blades will give a precise, clean cut every single time to ensure you have the most effortless, enjoyable cutting experience.

surecut blades

It’s all about the Reflex Energy System

Our SureCut loppers and shears feature a very unique element called a Reflex Energy System designed to enhance performance and ease of use. Each of our loppers and shears have rubber bumpers which act as shock absorbers when cutting and promote a gentle rebound.

The rubber bumpers play a crucial role in absorbing the impact made when cutting through branches or foliage. This feature significantly reduces the jarring sensation, leading to a more comfortable and ergonomic experience. The shock absorption not only enhances user comfort but also contributes to the overall durability of the tool by minimising the stress on its components.

surecut cutting tools reflex energy system

The rubber bumpers facilitate a controlled rebound, harnessing the absorbed energy to maximize cutting power. This rebound effect provides an efficient and effective cutting action and allows you to achieve clean and precise cuts with minimal effort. SureCut loppers and shears optimise the cutting experience, making it not only more powerful but also less physically demanding.

kent and stowe surecut extra power all purpose loppers in use  kent and stowe surecut extra power all purpose loppers in use  kent and stowe surecut extra power all purpose loppers in use

Watch the Reflex Energy System in action…

surecut reflex energy system

Extraordinary design

Like all Kent & Stowe tools, SureCut cutting tools have an extraordinary design to ensure they are built to last and efficiently carry out the task in hand.

Each tool has an aluminium lightweight body with rubber micro hex grip handles for extra comfort and grip. The patented hub lock ensures that the tension is consistently correct, preventing it from becoming overly tight or slack. Each tool in the SureCut range also has a bolted construction which means the grips are replaceable, and at the end of the products life the aluminium handles can be recycled.

We are so confident in our SureCut range that each tool also comes with a 5 year guarantee.

surecut cutting tools extraordinary design


Find out more about the SureCut Cutting range

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