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How does Aftercut Patch Fix work?

Nobody wants patches in their lawn, as it can make the lawn appear unsightly and uncared for. However, patches are fairly common due to a number of problems such as general wear and tear, dog urine, pests and diseases.

Dog urine is probably the most common cause of scorched patches. This is because as dogs urinate on the lawn, the urine breaks down into salt and ammonia. The excess, damages the lawn. Female dogs, in particular, cause this type of damage to your lawn because they urinate over a smaller area, which concentrates the salts and ammonia to cause the scorched patches.

How does Aftercut Patch Fix repair patches?

Aftercut Patch Fix is a unique blend of grass seed, feed and seeding soil designed to fix patches in your lawn quickly and easily. The grass seed is fast germinating and grows to a dense sward. This is important as it means the patch will be covered quickly so it does not stand out in your lawn. The grass seed in patch fix, roots into the soil and does not sit on the surface of the soil. This is important because if the grass seed only rooted into the surface layer, the whole grass plant and root will easily be mowed away.

The key benefit of Aftercut Patch Fix is that it contains a urine neutraliser. The special neutraliser granules absorb the urine, recovering the damage to the grass. These granules eventually break down, releasing nutrients to feed the recovered lawn.

How to use Aftercut Patch Fix?

The best time to use this product is from early spring to late autumn. Before using Aftercut Patch Fix, it is important to remove all the dead grass, weeds and their roots. Also, ensure to break up any hard lumps or compacted soil surfaces, by lightly raking the patch. Apply the Aftercut Patch Fix to about a 2mm depth. It is also a good idea to apply a little more product to the surrounding lawn, so that the patches blend in with the existing grass better. Water with a fine spray to moisten the mixture and activate the seed. Once the new grass has reached 7-8cm tall, mow for the first time.

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