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What is Life Partner for Plants

The John Innes range has been specially formulated to become your life partner for your plants. The compost range literally forms a growing system that nurtures and supports your plants throughout their journey from germination stage all the way through to ongoing vitality for mature or ericaceous plants, so you can ensure your plants are taken care of for their lifetime.

John Innes composts have been widely used by gardeners for over 80 years. They were developed at the John Innes Institute to be a traditional recipe of loam, peat and grit.  However, although our formulation is based on this traditional recipe, all of our blends are now peat free and have been further perfected with several additions to the blends for even better results, making it our most trusted growing system.

Our Most Trusted System: Life Partner for Plants

life partner for plants

The 4 Stages of the John Innes System


Stage 1 – Germination: John Innes Seed Sowing Compost

Moisture and air are essential for seeds to show their first signs of life. This compost has an open structure and moisture retaining properties to encourage that all important germination.



Stage 2 – Establishment: John Innes No1 Young Plant Compost

Strong and healthy plants start with strong healthy roots. Because of the light, fibrous composition of this compost, it is a perfect environment for the rooting, as it allows roots to spread out into the whole container.



Stage 3 – Healthy Growth: John Innes No 2 Potting-On Compost

A well fed plant is a happy plant. The base nutrient supply in this compost feeds the plant evenly and for a longer period before it needs to be fed again. The loam in the John Innes will also ensure the nutrients are there to promote healthy growth and flowering.



Stage 4 – Ongoing Vitality: John Innes No3 Mature Plant Compost and John Innes No3 Ericaceous Compost for acid loving plants.

The unique properties of this compost will set a plant up for life. It is easy to re-wet, retains moisture and drains easily, which not only prevents the roots from being waterlogged, but it also ensures the plant has enough air to breathe.



john innes range

John Innes Seed Sowing Compost

This compost is perfect for starting off seeds to aid fast and healthy germination. With its fine texture and added vermiculite for moisture and nutrient retention, it is perfect for bringing seeds to life. In using this compost you are truly are giving your seeds the best start in life.

john innes seed sowing compost peat free 28l

John Innes No1 Young Plant Compost

John Innes No 1 is ideal for young plants, as it feeds for up to 4 weeks. It also has added zinc complex to encourage healthy growth and strong roots, giving young plants the best start in life

john innes young plant no1 28l

John Innes No 2 Potting-On Compost

This compost is ideal for potting-on as it will feed for up to 5 weeks to encourage healthy plant growth. It has added potassium humate, which helps to promote root and shoot growth while also encouraging flower development.

john innes peat free no. 2 potting on

No3 Mature Plant Compost

Even mature plants should not be forgotten about in terms of the soil they live in. Your plant still requires food and nutrients to help sustain and encourage new growth at the same time.  John Innes No 3 feeds for 4 months and gives your mature plants an ideal environment that nurtures and sustains for a longer plant life.

John Innes no 3 Mature Compost 28l

John Innes No3 Ericaceous Compost

Ericaceous plants are those that prefer more acidic soil conditions such as Magnolias, Conifers, Azaleas and Rhododendrons. These acid loving plants require an extra boot of iron to help keep their leaves green and healthy. This compost feeds for up to 4 weeks with added iron to produce greener leaves, while encouraging strong flowers and foliage.

John Innes Ericaceous Compost

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