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Feeding & Watering Pots & Containers

Plants grown in pots and containers rely heavily on plant food and regular watering more so than those grown in the soil. Due to these plants growing in isolation they can not extend their roots into the ground in search for nutrients or moisture.


Watering Pots & Containers

container and basket planting mix


Most of these potted plants need the soil to be kept slightly moist to thrive. During hot temperatures you may need to water your pots and containers every day to keep them thriving.

One way to reduce the risk of under-watering is to plant your pots and containers in Westland Container and Basket Planting Mix. Enriched with water retaining granules. This mix will help also protect your plants from under watering and therefore support vibrant and healthy plants.





Plant food for Pots and containers

As a general rule, pots and containers should be fed at least once a week from spring until the autumn.

At the start of its growth, Gro-Sure All Purpose Plant Food is ideal (unless your plant is acid loving in which case use Westland Ericaceous High Performance Liquid Plant Food.

All purpose plant food is a great all round feed for plants, vegetables and flowers. It is a liquid format for easy dilution.

Westland Ericaceous High Performance Liquid Plant Food is a specially tailored feed. It provides all the essential nutrients ericaceous plants need to flourish.


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