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Compost for Acid-Loving Plants

What are Acid Loving Plants

Plants that require a more infertile or acidic soil are classed as ericaceous. Plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias love soil which is acid-rich and will struggle to grow if your soil is more alkaline.

Therefore, you can get around this issue by using an ericaceous compost, which is designed to introduce an acidic pH level into your soil. Additionally, you will need to test the pH level of your soil to discover its acidity and alkalinity levels:

Ericaceous Compost

Acid loving plants need an extra boost of Iron to assist with the formation of Chlorophyll. This in turn keeps leaves green and healthy. It also is necessary for some enzyme functions such as energy production. An ericaceous compost is more suitable for growing these acid-loving plants.

Our Westland Ericaceous Planting & Potting Mix is ideal for all types of acid loving plants.

ericaceous why use

Combine this with our Westland Ericaceous High Performance Liquid Plant Food or Plant Food Granules for even better results.

ericaceous plant feed in use

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