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Slugs and Snails

When growing season is in full swing and your garden is full of beautiful plants and delicious fruit and vegetables, slugs and snails can be a problem. They cause damage in your garden by eating holes in leaves and stems as well as flowers, tubers and bulbs. It’s  not a pest that anyone wants in their garden, therefore controls need to be put in place to either prevent and get rid of them.

There are many different products and methods available to control the slugs. Therefore, it’s often  hard to know where to start. We have put together our top 3 products which help you get rid of slugs and snails. Watch our video below…

Growing Success Slug Killer Advanced in soil

1.    Use Growing Success Slug Killer Advanced

Probably one of the most popular ways of getting rid of slugs and snails is pellets. Pellets can be used as a bait for the control of slugs on bare soil as well as around all edible and non-edible plants.

Growing Success Slug Killer is used to kill slugs and snails. It contains Ferric Phosphate, which is a natural occurring active ingredient. This product is best applied in mild damp weather, after rain or after watering the garden. This is because on moist soil, granules take up water and begin to swell. It’s applied in the evening as this is when slugs mainly feed.

Simply scatter the pellets evenly around all edible and non-edible plants at 5g per square meter. The pellets also break down the soil, feeding the soil with nutrients. Once the slugs consume this pellet they stop feeding and die.


Growing Success Slug Copper Tape in use

2.    Use Growing Success Copper Tape

The Growing Success Copper Tape is designed as a deterrent to protect the plants from slugs and snails. This works when the strip of the copper tape is put on the rim of the pot and slugs and snails cannot go over this rim without getting an electric shock. This means slugs and snails cannot get to the plant and they move away from the pot.






Growing Success Slug & Snail Trap in use

3.    Use a slug and snail trap

This trap is a handy way of catching slugs and snails but without the use of synthetic chemicals. The Growing Success Slug and Snail Trap is a sturdy trap which attracts slugs and snails from a 1.5 meter radius and can trap up to 50 slugs and snails at one time.

To use this trap simply add 2 teaspoons of salt and 550ml of beer into the trap. Bury this trap in the ground slightly. The scent of the beer attracts the slugs and snails to have a drink but then they fall into the liquid and drown.


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