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How to Grow Bonsai

By the very nature of the way they grow, Bonsai trees have a limited source of nutrients. When re-potting, they need a compost that provides the correct balance of drainage, water retention, and aeration needed to develop a healthy root structure.

Caring for a Bonsai tree

To keep your Bonsai tree in good shape, you need to re-pot it and prune the roots every two years and remember to feed it using Westland Bonsai Feed

Choose Westland Bonsai Potting Mix for great results.

westland bonsai compost in kitchen

How to plant and grow a Bonsai tree

  • Choose a suitable Bonsai dish to replant your Bonsai tree into. It needs to be shallow and just slightly larger than the dish your tree is already growing in.
  • Line the base of the new dish with a layer of Westland Hydroleca, which will improve drainage.
  • Add a layer of Westland Bonsai Potting Mix
  • Place the trimmed root ball on top of the Westland Bonsai Compost in the planter.
  • The Bonsai tree should be at about the same level in the compost as it was in its original container. Don’t plant it any deeper or leave it more exposed.
  • Fill in around the roots with more compost, firming in gently.
  • Water the Bonsai tree thoroughly and leave it to soak into the compost.

How to prune the root structure of a Bonsai tree

  • Remove the Bonsai tree from the container it is growing in.
  • Gently crumble away any loose compost from around the roots, exposing the roots so you can see them.
  • Using a special Bonsai pruner, gently trim out about one third of the root system.
  • Choose roots from around the root ball so that you do not cut them all from the same place.
  • Shorten any very long roots.


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