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How to Grow Sweet Peas

Top Tips for growing Sweet Peas from seed

Sweet peas are arguably one of the most beautiful flowers of all. They are extremely popular due to their exquisite petals, shape and stunning fragrance, ranging from delicate to very high scent. Not only do they look stunning, but they are also reasonably easy to grow from seed. Unwins Seeds have sold Sweet peas since 1903, and currently have about 40 varieties for you to choose from.

Our Favourites are:

Here is some advice on how to produce the best sweet pea flowers.

When to Sow

Sweet pea seeds can be sown anytime from October until March. They are grown mainly over the winter because it produces a more robust plant. For an early flush, sow from October to November. For flowers later in the summer, it is best to sow the seed between January and March.


Steps to sowing and growing

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