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Top Tips for Sowing Seeds

Sowing seeds can be frustrating. Whether you are new to gardening and want to start growing your own veg, or just wanting to grow your own flowers to plant out, many problems can arise. Your seeds could take a long time to germinate or when they do, have wilted and yellow leaves….

Here are some of our top tips and problem solvers for sowing seeds and how to grow them successfully!

Overly tall or leggy seedlings?

This could mean your seedlings aren’t getting enough light so move them to a brighter spot, like by a greenhouse window.

Yellow or discoloured leaves?

Your seedlings are probably not getting enough nutrients. Make sure you add a small amount of plant feed such as Westland Organic Vegetable Liquid Plant Food. And always use a good quality compost, like Gro-Sure’s Seed & Cutting Compost.  It’s super fine grade blend ensures closer seed contact and is enriched with plant extracts and a balanced nutrient supply for strong germination and establishment.

grosure seed and cutting compost in use    Westland Specialist Organic Vegetable 1l lifestyle

Wilting leaves?

Wilting leaves could mean lack of water and your seedlings are probably thirsty. Always keep the soil damp and moist, but don’t overwater as this could cause the seeds to rot. Overly wet soil often has fuzzy mould on the surface. Try using Visiroot seed trays. This propagation range is made from a transparent material which allows to you easily check root growth and monitor the moisture levels too. Find out more here.

Seedlings slow to germinate?

They may have been planted too deep into the soil or are too cold. Put your seed trays on a heated propagator mat to really increase the germination success rate.

Gro-Sure Electric Heated Propagation Mat water resistant

Our Top Tips when Growing from Seed

  • Scatter small seeds lightly and thinly on the surface. Larger seeds can be pressed more firmly into the compost but make sure you always read the seed packet instructions.
  • Cover your seeds with a thin layer or compost as well as Vermiculite. Seeds can be raised in a 50:50 mix of Gro-Sure Seed & Cutting Compost and Gro-Sure Vermiculite. This is particularly beneficial for very small seeds. Sow seeds thinly and evenly, making sure they are not too deep in the compost. Cover seed trays with a thin layer of Gro-Sure Vermiculite and gently moisten. Avoid over-firming.

Gro-Sure Vermiculite sowing seeds

  • Make sure you label your seeds when planted so you know what your seeds are and when you planted them.
  • Cover your seed tray with a propagator lid once seedlings appear. This will increase ventilation.

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