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Jack’s Magic – what makes it so special?

It’s hard to beat a traditional compost and Jack’s Magic All Purpose Compost is our original and best. It is our signature blend, continuously enhanced for even greater results. Packed with natural nutrients and fortified with seaweed, our exclusive West+2® formula boosts moisture retention, making it perfect for all your gardening needs. Whether you’re seeding, potting, or planting, every plant thrives with Jack’s Magic.

Why is Jacks Magic so special?

The Magic of West+2®

Our West+2® formula has improved water retention which means it helps reduce the compost drying out. It also requires less watering than average peat reduced and peat free composts. It is a fine grade material which enables closer seed contact for improved germination and closer root contact for more water and nutrient uptake. The added calcium enhances nitrogen uptake for strong, healthy growth and green, glossy foliage. The added Magnesium encourages photosynthesis for plant energy production.


Where do you use it?

Jack’s Magic traditional compost is perfect for use all around the garden and for flowers, fruits and vegetables. Use it for seed sowing*, potting, planting as well as container planting too. Enriched with organic fertiliser, this compost will also feed your plants for the first 4-5 weeks after potting so you don’t have to worry. Furthermore, it produces super natural plant growth, as well as exceptional health for plants and blooms.

Use Jack’s Magic All Purpose Compost and you really will see the magic.

jacks magic all purpose compost

Find out how to use Jack’s Magic in your garden for seed sowing*, stunning containers and beautiful borders.

*For fine seeds and best results we always recommend using a dedicated seed sowing compost.

Not suitable for Ericaceous plants.

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