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August gardening

August gardening

Holiday season is here and gardens are hot, hot hot! If you’re going away this year remember to get a friend or family member to water the garden for you or consider buying a timer-controlled watering system. Gardens can wilt quickly at this time of year and need constant attention.

Flowers and Borders

Dead-heading and feeding regularly will help flowers look their best. Prune Roses, Wisteria and shrubs, cutting back into shape after they have flowered.

TOP TIP – Get a good quality pair of secateurs and gloves will make pruning easier. Kent and Stowe do a great range

A pair of Kent and Stowe secateurs wih gardening gloves in the background.

Fruit and Vegetables

Plant out kale, cabbage, broccoli, sprouting broccoli and spring greens. Fill any bare patches with green manure to condition the soil. Harvest fruit and vegetables regularly. Check for any signs of tomato or potato blight, removing affected areas immediately to avoid spread.

TOP TIP – Don’t forget your compost! Gro-Sure Vegetable Growing Compost is great for healthy crops

A bag of gro sure vegetable growing compost.

Garden Maintenance

Now is a great time to paint garden fences and sheds if you haven’t done so already. Painting protects the wood and is quite a pleasant pastime on a hot summer’s day. Just make sure you keep hydrated throughout and remember to put on sunscreen!

TOP TIP – This Flopro Rotating Decorative Sprinkler will keep your garden looking fresh when it’s hot.

An image of a flo pro decorative sprinkler working on a lawn.


  1. Consider buying a water sprinkler
  2. Dead-head and feed flowers regularly
  3. Start pruning Roses and shrubs
  4. Harvest fruit and vegetables
  5. Paint the shed


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