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Don’t be Forlorn, be Smart on your Lawn!

Hands up who actually remembers last summer? We did actually have one…it was warm, sunnier than others we’ve had in recent years, and slightly drier for many of us, too. Our lawns were trodden on and trampled over as we enjoyed the weather.

Add to this the normal bashing the grass had from the recent winter, and you can see that our lawns have had the stuffing taken out of them. So it’s up to us to do the intelligent thing, and give them some assistance.

With my lawn there are a few bare patches, caused by over-hanging border perennials (which have now been cut back, thus exposing the bare soil), and also from a bit of wearing away along the area just outside of the greenhouse.

This is where the award-winning Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed will be essential. This seed is nothing short of essential for gardeners – it can be used to create a lawn either in shade or in full sun, and it is perfect to replace my worn areas.

What I love about it is the fact that it comes in a handy size (my pack is enough to cover 25 sq m, but there are 40m and 80m sizes as well), and it has a built-in seed applicator – just pull back a bit of one side of the box, and you’ll see a series of perforations that are perfectly sized for sprinkling the seed over your prepared area. Just follow the instructions on the pack to create your perfect lawn!

The seed mix contains an Aqua Gel which, once applied to the ground, starts to soaks up as much as 400 times its own weight in water. This then helps the seed to continue growing even if the weather is dry and you are lax in watering. It saves a huge amount of seed from perishing.

Do take a look at the different types of Gro-Sure lawn seed mixes available at your local garden centre. Amongst them are seed mixes for shady areas, fine-grade lawns and tough, hard-wearing lawns.

Final tip: I’ve noticed that there is a fair bit of moss in my lawn this year, too, so this weekend I will be applying Aftercut All-in-One Lawn Treatment. This is a multi-action treatment for grass that feeds and conditions it, but also kills broad-leaved weeds (such as daisies, dandelions and docks) – and it kills moss, too. After applying, avoid cutting the grass for three or four days and then, after a week or two, ‘scarify’ the lawn: rake it or use an electric scarifier to remove the dead moss, as well as any old, rotting grass leaves, called ‘thatch’.

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