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Orchids: How to grow

Orchids: How to grow

Orchids are hugely desirable indoor plants with exotic blooms and a vast array of colours and flower types to choose from.

Keep your orchids looking great for longer by using our patented Seramis® orchid care system.


Feed during the orchid's growth period using Seramis Orchid Feed, specifically formulated for flowering orchids and featuring an easy measure dosing system.

Weekly Care

Use the Seramis® Revitalising Leaf Spray to create an intense layer around the orchid, keeping it fresh and alive. One bottle contains enough for over 250 sprays.

Remember to keep orchid plants shaded during sunny weather.

If you want to plant or re-pot an orchid, read our step-by-step guide below:

Step 1

How to prepare your orchid plant for potting

Choose a suitable container for your orchid plant. It needs to be slightly larger than the container your plant was growing in.

Water your orchid plant thoroughly and then gently remove it from the pot.

Check the roots for damage and disease and carefully remove any signs of decay using sharp secateurs.

Loosen the outer roots so that they grow into the fresh potting mix.

Step 2

Orchids: How to grow - Step 2

How to plant or re-pot your orchid

Place a small amount of Seramis® Orchid Potting Mix in your planter. It contains a unique blend of granules and premium pine bark, which absorb and release water and nutrients exactly where the orchid needs it.

Place the root ball into the planter so that the aerial roots rest on top of the compost or potting mix. The orchid should be at about the same level as it was in the original container.

Fill in the sides with more compost or orchid potting mix, packing it down between the planter the root ball firmly.  Take care not to break off any aerial roots as these absorb moisture for the plant from the atmosphere

Step 3

Orchids: How to grow - Step 3

Water well and mist the leaves with tepid water or give it a real boost with Seramis® Revitalising Leaf Spray

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