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Westland Orchid Mist is a revitalising, purified water mist spray that creates the ideal humid climate for healthy leaf growth. The combined gentle cleaning action and extra rich nutrients keeps orchids flowering for longer and keeps leaves moist, clean and healthy, with a natural shine. The mist action also replicates an orchids natural rainfall water source.

  • For longer lasting flowers
  • Nutrient rich purified water
  • Intense hydration
  • Fine mist spray
  • Ready to use
  • Use me on all types of orchids

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Sizes available

  • 250ml
  • Product Details
  • How to Use
  • Tips & Advice

Why Use

  • Lush, clean and healthy leaves
  • Extra rich nutrients so your orchids flower for longer
  • Mist spray creates the perfect microclimate for your indoor jungle

orchid mist

How to Use

  • Shake bottle before use
  • Spray onto the aerial roots and leaves 1-2 times a week
  • Apply thinly and evenly until leaves and roots are visibly wet

Tips for Better Results

  • Orchids love humidity but hate their roots sitting in water, so try not to overwater them
  • For healthier and happier orchids, add a dose of Westland Orchid Feed to your watering can
  • Most orchids thrive best in bright, indirect sunlight. Check the label advice given for your orchid
  • Use water at room temperature. Water early in the morning allowing water to dry before cooler night time temperatures.
  • Check label advice for orchid type. Do not re-pot unless absolutely necessary. When re-potting use suitable growing medium such as Westland Orchid Potting Mix

General Advice

  • Store in a safe, dry, frost-free place, away from children, pets and foodstuffs
  • Wash hands and exposed skin after use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use this for edible crops?

A. Yes, although for best results use feed that will encourage flower production and crop yield, for example Big Tom Tomato food.

For any questions or advice, please contact our technical advice line on 01480 443789 (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm) or email [email protected]

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