Pumpkins: How to grow

Pumpkins: How to grow

Pumpkins are simple to grow and the fruits store excellently in a cool, dry place.

Great for growing with kids and delicious roasted or used for making soups.


Step 1

Pumpkins: How to grow - Step 1

Pumpkins like a rich soil, so you need to incorporate plenty of organic matter, such as Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure before sowing seeds into the ground in March.

Water the area well before sowing and then sow 2 or 3 seeds in a group, 2cm (1 inch) deep, allowing 90cm (35 inches) between groups to give the pumpkin room to grow.

Sprinkle a general fertiliser such as Growmore Fertiliser over the soil after sowing. 

Step 2

Pumpkins: How to grow - Step 2

Once the seeds have germinated, select the strongest seedling in each group, removing the others.

Pumpkins need to be watered regularly and feed well with a liquid fertiliser, such as Gro-Sure Tomato Food once the fruits start to swell.

Fruit are generally ready for harvesting in September. 

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