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Aftercut All In One

Aftercut All In One is a triple action lawn treatment that greens and feeds your lawn, whilst controlling weeds and moss. 

  • Feeds and conditions
  • 7 day rapid greening
  • Kills moss, weeds and roots
  • Stronger lawn
  • Effective weed control against 12 types of weeds
  • Available in 80sq.m spreader, 100sq.m, 170sq.m, 400sq.m

Why Use?

Aftercut All In One tackles moss whilst providing early weed control, targeting weeds that are vigourously growing. Weeds that are controlled by Aftercut All In One are Dandelion, White Clover, Daisy, Buttercup, Ribwort Plantain, Selfheal, Mouse-Ear Chickweed, Lesser Trefoil, Greater Plantain, Thyme Leaved Speedwell, Creeping Cinquefoil & Birdsfoot Trefoil.

Grass will rapidly green up following application. 


When to Use?

For use on established lawns (6+ months old) when grass, moss and weeds are actively growing (May-Aug). Wait at least 6 weeks for a second application. Apply weeds to grow 3 days before treatment to enable weedkiller absorption.

For best Conditions apply when soil is moist and grass is dry. Do not use during drought, freezing, windy conditions or before heavy rain.


How to Use?

Apply by hand or by spreader - for use on Lawns ONLY.

It is good practice to wear gloves when using the product, although it is not a requirement.



Mark out the areas to be treated. Apply evenly at 32g/sq.m over the marked area by hand or wheeled spreader.

Using a Wheeled Spreader adjust the setting or calibrate to apply 32g/sq.m. 


To Finish

Brush off granules immediately from hard surfaces, paving, decking, clothing and footwear to avoid staining/discolouration. Do not wash as may cause staining.

Water the lawn within 48 HOURS if no rain falls. After 7-14 DAYS rake out dead moss and weeds.

You can mow the lawn 4 DAYS after treatment.


What to Expect?

After 7 DAYS the grass will become greener.

Moss will turn black as it dies. Any discolouration of the lawn is temporary. Re-treatment may be necessary for heavy infestation, or if moss returns.

At first weeds may grow vigorously and become distorted or twisted as they die. Re-treat large or persistent weeds once they re-grow.



Tips for Better Results

  • Regular maintenance and use of Aftercut All in One Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer.
  • Raking and scarifying to remove dead moss and fallen leaves to prevent the build-up of dead matter.
  • Aerating the soil will help encourage the free passage of water & nutrients through the soil.
  • Watering to keep the lawn healthy and strong.


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