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Cambark Premium Pine Bark Nuggets

Cambark Premium Pine Bark Nuggets are a specially selected and graded premium pine bark that gives a rich golden appearance to compliment and enhance the texture and colour of your garden.

  • Suitable for all beds, borders and around trees and shrubs
  • Superior moisture control
  • Supresses weed growth
  • FSC graded, from a sustainable source
  • Available size: 50L

Why Use?

Cambark Premium Pine Bark Nuggets are perfect for suppressing weed growth, retaining moisture in the soil and provides year round protection and insulation for plant roots from extremes of temperature.

The small golden nuggets can also reduce the spread of fungal disease on leaves caused by rain splashes, encourages earth worm activity helping to improve soil aeration and enhancing organic matter levels, fertility and soil structure.

When to Use?

 Cambark Premium Pine Bark Nuggets can be used all year round.

How to Use?

For Use on Small Borders

  • Prepare the area by removing all weeds and debris
  • Spread a layer of bark 2-5.5cm deep over the area ensuring that the bark reaches under the plant canopy and covers the root area.

To reduce perennial weed problems in small borders

  • For best results, lay a perforated plastic or fabric membrane under the bark to further reduce perennial weed problems.
  • Cut an X shaped hole in the membrane and plant shrubs and flowers into planting hole underneath the membrane.
  • Spread the bark chips back under the plant canopy to cover the membrane.


Aftercare for small borders

  • Remove any annual weeds as they appear.
  • To maintain a good bark layer, replenish the area with fresh bark annually

For use in containers and pots

  • When planting containers and pots, leave a 5-7cm space at top of the container or pot.
  • Spread a 3-5cm layer of bark over the top of the compost or soil. This will provide important thermal insulation, reduce water loss and make pots easier to water.

Aftercare for containers and pots

  • Remove any annual weeds as they appear
  • Check the compost underneath is fresh and has not formed a crusted salt layer, replace if necessary.
  • Top up the bark layer with fresh bark to maintain an insulating layer.



Store in a dry frost free place away from weed killers and other garden chemicals

Reseal bag after use

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