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Gro-Sure Vegetable Compost

Gro-Sure Vegetable Growing Compost has been developed to offer stronger, healthier growth and sustained plant development. Containing rich organic matter, slow release fertiliser and Phosphorus this premium compost is perfect for growing tasty fruit and veg!

  • Rich source of organic matter
  • Stronger, healthier root establishment
  • Added phosphorus for stronger plant growth
  • Perfect for growing all types of vegetables
  • Size 50L
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What is in Gro-Sure ® Vegetable Growing Compost?

Potassium for fruit development and Nitrogen for healthy growth of green leafed vegetables & sustained plant growth. Westland patented wood fibre, a sustainable high performance peat replacement. Now with a natural carbon additive for superior performance. Slow-release organic fertiliser with added Phosphorus for strong root development.

How do I use it?

First rework the compost between your hands. 

Seed Sowing

A pair of hands over a seed tray, one hand is holding seeds, the other is sowing them into the seed tray.

• Place compost in a seed tray or pot, filling to just below the rim. Firm gently to provide a flat, even surface.

• Water the compost thoroughly and allow to drain.

• Sow seeds evenly over the surface paying attention to the seed packet instructions. Cover lightly with a fine layer of compost, if necessary.

• Cover the seed tray with glass or polythene to reduce moisture loss and prevent drying out.

• Place in a warm area out of direct sunlight until germination has occurred. Remove polythene/glass and grow on until seedlings are ready to prick out. 

Handy Gardening Tips

For leafy vegetables try using Westland Sulphate of Ammonia Vegetable Food

Young Plants Seedlings

Image of a pair of hands, using a dibber to lift seedlings.

• Prick out seedlings when they are large enough to handle. Hold seedling by the leaves to avoid damage and gently remove seedling using a dibber or pencil.

• Plant seedlings in Gro-Sure Vegetable Growing Compost allowing space for growth.

• Water regularly.

Top tip: Because of a base nutrient supply, which feeds for 5-6 weeks, Gro-Sure Vegetable Growing Compost encourages balanced development of young plant.

Potting on

Image of pair of hands lifting root ball out of a pot to pot-in.

• Water plant well and allow to drain. Place Gro-Sure Vegetable Growing Compost in the bottom of the new pot.

• Gently tap the plant from the old pot and place in the new pot with the root ball just below the rim of the new pot.

• Fill around the root ball with Gro-Sure Vegetable Growing Compost, gently tapping the pot to fill air spaces.

• Firm gently and water. Containers • Choose an appropriate container with adequate drainage holes. Place a layer grit in the base of the pot.

• Fill the container with Gro-Sure Vegetable Growing Compost.

• Firm compost down, to allow space to the rim of container.

Top Tip: For growing of root vegetables that require extra feeding incorporate Westland organic Chicken Manure Pellets when planting. For leafy vegetables try using Westland Vegetable Food with high nitrogen content for lusher, greener, healthier foliage.

Aftercare for Vegetables

Once the vegetables have emerged or established, feed with a granular plant food such as Westland Fish, Blood & Bone for healthy, sustained plant growth.


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