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A fascinating mixture of loose-leaf lettuces, including ‘reds’ and oak-leaf types. A must for the summer salad bowl, simply pick a few leaves whenever required.

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Sowing Time


Harvest Time



Plant Spacing

25cm (10in)

Sowing Indoors

  • Almost fill a tray with moist seed compost. We recommend using Gro-Sure Seed and Cutting Compost or Westland John Innes Seed Sowing Compost
  • Sow seeds thinly over the surface, and lightly cover them with a little more compost
  • Place in the warmth 10-15°C (50-60°F), and keep moist
  • When large enough to handle, transplant seedlings 5cm (2in) apart to trays of potting compost
  • Gradually accustom them to conditions outside for 2-3 weeks before planting out to their cropping positions 25cm (10in) apart from late spring onwards


Sowing Outdoors

  • Sow seeds thinly in a shallow row, lightly covering with a little soil
  • Keep soil moist



  • Thin seedlings to about 25cm (10in) apart when large enough to handle
  • Ensure remaining seedlings are still firm in the soil



  • Water plants generously in dry weather


Growing Tips

  • Pick when large enough to use
  • Frequent picking will give a longer cropping period
  • Sow every three weeks to keep a continuous supply


For any questions or advice, please contact our technical advice line on 01480 443789 (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm) or email customerservice@westlandhorticulture.com

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