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Why you should regularly seed your lawn

Regular seeding of your lawn can in turn save your time in long run. Lawns are made up of lots of little grass plants. Some of these die every year and need to be replaced. To keep your lawn looking thicker, fuller and lush, new seeds need to be sown to replace the old grass. This is what we refer to as over-seeding your lawn.

When should I be over-seeding/seeding my lawn?

It is best to over-seed your lawn twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn. You need to over-seed in spring to prepare for the intense usage and wear and tear during the summer months. In autumn, over-seeding helps to repair any damages and patches caused by the summer. Furthermore, weeds are less active during the autumn months. Therefore grass seeds can germinate freely without competition, resulting in less weed problems.

To prevent moss, fill in any patchy areas with lawn seed before moss starts to grow. This usually happens later on in the autumn and in early spring. Creating a thicker lawn helps to prevent moss growing as it has little space to grow. Read our article on How to get rid of Moss from your Lawn for more information.

When over-seeding/seeding, we recommend using the following products:

Gro-Sure Smart Seed Range

Our Gro-Sure Smart Seed range: Smart Lawn Seed Fast Start and Smart Lawn Seed are great when used to fill in thin and bare areas of your lawn. Both lawn seeds work well in all conditions: full sun, shade, worn areas and patches. They also contain high quality grass seed varieties to ensure the highest opportunity of germination and establishment. The grass seeds are treated with Aqua Gel technology for improved germination. Aqua Gel can absorb 400 x its weight in water, and slowly releases it back to the seeds, when the seeds require it to germinate.

Gro-Sure Smart Seed Fast Start has been specially designed so that it can be sown much earlier on in the growing season, even when temperatures are at a low of 7 °C.


Westland SafeLawn

To prevent further weed & moss problems in your lawn it is good practice to use a Lawn Feed once a month in those warmer spring and summer months. This ensures that the required nutrients are available throughout the seasons to create and maintain a stronger, thicker and healthier lawn. Westland SafeLawn is a great lawn feed to use as it contains 100% natural ingredients, therefore making it a safe product to use around children and pets.

Regular Seeding of Your Lawn


Read our article for information on how to sow in a new lawn

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