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Why choose Big Tom Tomato Food?

If you want healthy, juicy and most importantly, tasty tomatoes then Westland Big Tom Super Tomato Food is the answer. We want you to get the very best results so you can really enjoy your harvested tomatoes. Which is why our feed is designed to do just that!

With Westland Big Tom Super Tomato Food, you will see 20% bigger tomatoes, 24% more vitamins, as well as 16% more fruits (vs. the brand leader*). It is packed full of all the essential nutrients your tomatoes need to keep healthy and therefore resulting in a tastier yield.

So why does it perform better?

  • Root growth boosting biostimulant.
  • Quick and easy feed absorption so they stay in your compost or soil for longer
  • Wetting agent for perfect water management and better nutrient uptake
  • Extra Magnesium and Iron for healthier plants
  • Higher NPK for the best growing results
  • And for 35% more yield, use with our Westland Big Tom Tomato Planter – find out how here.

tomato food

You can even use our Tomato Super Food to feed your courgettes, cucumbers and your hanging basket flowers, as well as in beds and borders. This will give you an increase in flowers or fruit too. It really is a super food!

Here are some Growing Tips to help you along the way

  • Do not allow tomato plants to dry out – this can contribute to splitting of fruit when re-watered.

big tom tomato feed

  • Remove side shoots for better airflow around plants.

big tom tomato feed icon

After you’ve harvested your tomatoes, why not have a read of our article to see what yummy recipes you can make with your freshly, homegrown crops.

*Reading University Tomato Research 2017

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