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poor lawn drainage

How to deal with poor lawn drainage

poor lawn drainage

A well-trodden lawn, or grass on heavy clay soil can quickly become compacted and resulting in poor lawn drainage. In hot weather the surface bakes hard and can

crack which means water does not drain freely and puddles form on the surface. This is called compaction and leads to water logging which is bad news for the health of your lawn.

In most circumstances, it is easy to rectify, but it does require some effect. The best time to do this is when the soil is moist in early summer or autumn.




Read our step-by-step guide below on how to deal with poor lawn drainage:

  • Wait until the excess water has drained away or if in a small area, sweep off the lawn into your beds and borders.

kent & stowe stainless steel lawn aerator in use




  • Use a hollow tined aerator to remove soil cores from your lawn, or use a garden fork. This should leave holes ideally about 10cm-15cm deep.




lawn and turf dressing lifestyle







  • Repeat this process every few years during autumn to prevent any further waterlogging during the winter months.

Our top tips

  • Feed your lawn with a good autumn fertiliser which will promote good root growth
  • Apply fertiliser during spring to help lawns recover from winter. This will help grow stronger, substantial root systems which will help prevent drought or flooding in the future
  • If you have waterlogged areas or even dry patches, this will encourage moss to grow over winter. Apply a moss treatment to help your lawn thrive.
  • Westland Moss Master is a natural moss remover and feed that requires no raking, will leave no black patches and will feed for 3 months and green your lawn in 7 days. What’s more, it is child, pet and also wildlife friendly. lawn moss










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