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Dealing with a rodent problem

Having a rodent problem can be a stressful time. Our guide on dealing with a rodent infestation will talk you through your options. Mice and rats can wreak havoc in the home and cause all sorts of damage. There are many different types of rodenticides and traps on the market for managing rodent infestations. Here, you’ll discover how to choose the right solution to keep your household safe from unwanted visitors.


What is a Rodenticide?

Rodenticide solutions are commonly known as poisons and baits. They offer an effective and humane way of dealing with a rodent problem. Rodenticides are chemicals that kill rodents, primarily mice and rats. These chemicals must be handled with great care and you must carefully read the information on the product label before use.


Always use a Bait Station

Before using rodenticides for your rodent problem, it is important to remember your bait station! It is a legal requirement to use a tamper-proof bait station when using rodent poison. Bait stations are usually a plastic box featuring an entrance hole for only rodents to fit through.

This protects children, pets and non-target wildlife from coming into contact with the product. Our Deadfast Mouse and Rat Bait Stations work with all bait types for effective rodent control.


Types of bait and where to use it


Grain bait is one of the most common types of rodenticide. Its appearance is very similar to cereals, such as Wheat, which rodents usually feed on. This makes it very effective for use in outdoor (garage and shed) spaces, to out-compete similar food sources like pet or bird food.



Paste bait is a soft formulation that has the highest palatability for enhanced performance. It out-competes any processed, stored or prepared food, making it perfect for use inside the home, in kitchens and living areas where rodents typically invade searching for food. They can also be used outdoors around buildings. Take a look at our Deadfast Mouse & Rat Killer Plus Sachets, featuring our advanced active ingredient Difethialone.

Watch our how to use sachet video here.


Blocks have excellent stability in difficult conditions of high moisture and dust. This makes them ideal for treating a rodent problem outdoors and in attic spaces. They are also very appealing to rodents, as they constantly gnaw to stop their teeth outgrowing their mouths! Our Deadfast Mouse & Rat Bait Blocks contain the most innovative active ingredient, Difethialone, for an effective uptake by mice and rats. They are also ridge-cut to encourage gnawing and easy to spike and rod in the bait station.

Learn more about the benefits and how to use the blocks in our video below.



Mice traps have been around for centuries, but continuous innovation means they continue to be an effective method of dealing with infestations. Fast kill, humane and catch-alive options are available to suit your desired approach to controlling pests and preventing some of the risks infestations can pose.

Effective trapping requires skill and patience. Follow our top tips below will help make this process easier.


Dealing with a rodent problem: top tips

  • ­Placement – Identify the travel routes of mice or where they are nesting and place traps accordingly. This is often along walls or in dark and cluttered corners
  • Bait – Use a high protein bait, such as peanut butter or chocolate spread to lure the mice to the trap
  • Application – Use a cocktail stick to apply the bait to avoid contaminating the trap with your scent, which can deter the pest from the trap
  • Place together – Place traps together in areas of high infestation to ensure that the mice is caught if the first trap is missed


Types of Traps

Snap traps

These are the most common type of trap on the market. There are many different styles of snap traps, from the classic and traditional bar trap to the more innovative, modern designs allowing a more targeted kill. They are very effective for rapid knockdown of rodents, often re-usable and for use indoors and outdoors.

The Deadfast Power Kill Mouse and Power Kill Rat traps both offer a powerful snap trap option. Featuring an advanced activation pedal, these traps are hard for mice and rats to avoid. The High-Impactkill bar technology ensures a quick and humane kill to have rodents under control in no time. Its one-click set and release mechanism means this trap is easy to use when you need fast control.


For a hidden snap trap option, the Deadfast Kill-VaultMouse Trap offers a no-see, no-touch experience. The targeted mouse in encased within the trap, which may then be discarded or emptied for re-use. The trap is entirely sealed for safety and also prevents pets and children from finding the pest.


Electronic traps

Electronic traps work by delivering a high voltage shock to kill rodents humanely and effectively. They are often enclosed to protect non-target species from coming into contact with the trap. These traps are typically re-usable for efficient control of the rodent population.

The Deadfast Electronic Mouse Trap  uses advanced smart circuit technology to sense when a mouse is inside. Once inside, it is held in place by the patented tunnel design and bevelled columns. This eliminates the chance of bait theft and 100% kill rate.


Catch alive & repel

If you want to get rid of mice, but don’t want to harm them, a live mouse trap or repeller is the perfect solution for you. These methods are also great at preventing infestations before they become a problem by driving the pest away before they can begin to create serious damage to your home.


Deadfast Catch & Release Mouse Trap

This unique trap provides a safe way of capturing a mouse and releasing it to its natural habitat. There is no poison or snapping parts, so these traps are safe to use around children, pets and other animals.


Deadfast Sonic Repeller

Emits high-frequency waves to effectively repel rodents from protected areas. They can be used in average-sized rooms, including kitchens, garages, and lofts. The sound is also completely inaudible to humans and non-rodent species.


Protect your home from a rodent problem with Deadfast

Our range of Deadfast rodenticides, traps and ‘catch alive’ solutions are designed to provide fast and effective solutions to your rodent problem in every situation. To learn more view our Deadfast product range here. To discover more about signs of rodents in your home, visit our signs of mice and signs of rats guides.


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