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A guide to laying turf

Laying turf is the easiest way to get a fresh, new lawn. Turf is established grass that has had its root system mostly removed, therefore it is essential to get the turf rooted as quickly as possible. The ideal time to lay turf is when the ground is damp and warm, particularly during autumn and spring when rainfall will help the new grass establish roots in time for summer sun or winter frosts.

Mid-autumn is the ideal time to lay turf as it will be able to fully establish before summer with limited wear. The warm soil and abundant moisture provide excellent rooting conditions.

Here’s our handy guide on how to lay turf to create a luscious, new lawn.

What you need for laying turf

Prepare the soil by clearing away any debris and weeds.

Once all weeds are dead, rake the existing soil, removing all remaining weed roots and any rubble or debris. Firm down the existing soil by treading, ensuring that clods are broken-up. Firm the soil by repeated treating and raking until you have a flat, firm surface.

kent & stowe stainless steel long handled corkscrew weeder in use

Spread Lawn Seeding Soil or Lawn & Turf Dressing over the prepared surface, to a depth of approximately 3-4cm and level. Use a broom to spread evenly. A base layer of Lawn Seeding Soil or Lawn & Turf dressing will help to ensure an even and productive lawn.

lawn and turf dressing lifestyle laying turf  grosure lawn seeding soil in use

Lay the turf on the soil, ensuring the edges overlap slightly.

laying turf

Cut off any excess turf with a spade and flatten the turf down with the back of the spade to ensure they are touching the soil.

Kent & Stowe stainless steel border spade

Make sure to not let the turf dry out so water regularly, ideally with a sprinkler.

Flopro Multi Flo 360° Sprinkler laying turf

Start to mow your lawn when it has grown 2.5cm-5cm high but be sure not to remove no more than a third of the total height each time.



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